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QuickBooks Printing Problems with Invoices | Causes and Solutions

Printing feature is an integral part of QuickBooks as business owners requires to print several types of documents like reports, statements, bills, and receipts on a regular basis. If you are a QuickBooks user, you can easily configure your printer in QuickBooks and print from within the application. As most of us are already aware of the fact that printer is an external machine that needs to connect with the operating system using drivers and software. If a single component that support printer connectivity with the computer starts acting up, you will start facing issues with the printer and QuickBooks print feature. If you are also dealing with QuickBooks printing problems with invoices, then keep reading the entire article until the end as in this article we have listed some of the major reasons for the occurrence of printing errors in QuickBooks and quick troubleshooting steps to resolve them in the shortest time possible.

If you are not comfortable in troubleshooting the QuickBooks invoice printing errors on your own and need someone to help you out through the troubleshooting procedure, then don’t wait and dial (844)-932-1139 and get connected with certified QuickBooks Desktop experts for help and support

Major Reasons for the Occurrence of QuickBooks Invoice Printing Errors

  • Outdated QuickBooks Desktop application is one of the major reason of getting print related errors in QuickBooks.
  • Interconnectivity issues between printer and the computer can also be a reason that can trigger QuickBooks printing problems with invoices.
  • Outdated printer drivers.
  • When the print spooler service is not running on the system.

Quick Solutions to Resolve Invoice Printing Problems in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Run an Update of your QuickBooks Desktop Application

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the Update section that you will find under the Help tab.
  • Select the features that requires an update and click Get Updates.
  • Restart QuickBooks and agree to the prompt that ask to install the updates.
  • Try to print invoices once again and check if the error is resolved.

Solution 2: Check Printer Connectivity

  • Open a text file and enter some text in it.
  • Press Ctrl + P to print a test page and click OK.
  • If you get the print then proceed to the next steps and if not then try updating the printer drivers to resolve the connectivity issues first.

Solution 3: Restart Print Spooler Service

  • Press Windows + R and type services.msc in the text box.
  • Press Enter and locate Print Spooler service in the list.
  • Click the service and select Start from the left pane.

Hopefully, QuickBooks printing problems with invoices will get resolved after implementing the solutions listed above. In case, if the error is not resolved, dial (844)-932-1139 and get in touch with certified QuickBooks experts for help.

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